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The company


GE ESL Recruitment is part of the Gryphon English companies that are based in China, involved with providing English language resources online and at schools.

Gryphon English comprises of:

Gryphon English - GE ESL Recruitment - KiDZ English - Shenzhou KiDZ English - SKE Language Travel.

the reason


Want to become an ESL teacher in China?

Want to embark on an adventure?

Not sure how to do it?

Worry about the potential pitfalls?

Don't fret - We can help - and it's all FREE!!



We will not charge you a single penny/dollar/euro - couldn't be easier to understand.

How & Why?

We receive commissions from the various public schools, universities and private language schools that we engage with on your behalf.


Email your CV using the form provided at the bottom of this page


Attend our online interview (Skype or Wechat) to discuss options


We will give you a list of potential opportunities that meet your requirements


You agree to a contract and the application is then processed.

Please note that to work legally in China, you will require a Z visa. All of our partnering schools will provide you with one. We do not partner with schools that do not/cannot offer a Z visa.

The visa process can take up to 3 months from the date that contracts are signed. The requirements for teachers in China has become a lot stricter in recent years.

We will be a part of your applications with our partners, to ensure that any contracts offered to you by our partners are transparent, fair and lawful.

We have your back!!



chinese z visa

To legally work in China then you will need a valid Z visa.

Our partners will sponsor a Z visa during your term of employment with them.

You will need to provide the following:

  1. Degree (Notarized)
  2. Police background check (Notarized)
  3. Health check 
  4. Passport photo
  5. TEFL certificate (min 120hours)

Work Permit

Your employer will arrange and obtain all the necessary legal documentation.

Recently the rules regarding the 'Foreign Expert Certificate' have changed. A new system operates whereby foreign experts are categorised into either band A, B or C. 

ESL teachers are normally rated in Band B. 

The band system is operated on a point system.



We take great care in ensuring that not only our partners but also our candidates meet the very highest of standards.

To be eligible for our program then you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Native speaker or near-native with 2 years of teaching experience
  2. Degree holder
  3. Teaching experience (preferred)
  4. Hold a current passport (2 years validity)
  5. Be open-minded / adventurous / passionate

Our Skills & Expertise

I have spent nearly 6000 hours in the classroom teaching English in China. These hours have been some of the most rewarding, humorous and challenging of my life to date.

To walk into a classroom and to be faced with 10-16 eager students, just waiting for you to teach them - you have to be part of it to understand it!!

It is truly humbling that I have been able to teach English and manage language centres at different levels - experiences that have led me to set up this company - GE ESL Recruitment.

During my 8 years in China, I have been an ESL teacher, a Senior Teacher, a Director of Studies, a Center Manager and finally a School Owner.

I have always been involved with the recruitment of international teachers and ensuring their welfare and being in China.

It has been my absolute privilege to have met so many wonderful characters and I truly hope to meet many more.....

Years Teaching
Years in China
Number of Teachers Hired
testimonials - some of the views of teachers that we have helped in china !!

"Wayne was very helpful with my transition to China. In my interview he told me what I should bring from America and what I could expect from China. If I had any questions I would think of, I could ask him and get a quick response. He made me feel confident on moving to China. Upon arrival he helped me with anything I needed and gave me advice on places to visit and where I could buy certain things.

If ever I felt homesick, I could go talk to him and feel better. He's someone you can vent to and also laugh with. Wayne really helped me feel better about making such a big move" - Jennifer, USA

"It was great to work with such an amazing colleague like Wayne. During the interview process Wayne made me feel very comfortable and relaxed as we talked about the life and culture of China and the role that I would take on as an English teacher in Daqing .

Before I arrived I was quite nervous moving all the way to China by myself. Wayne eased my concerns and added me to a group of teachers the same age as me which really reassured that China is very safe and the language barrier just takes some time to get used to.

Within my first couple of weeks in Daqing, Wayne helped me go to the local supermarket, told me where I can buy non- Chinese food, what food to avoid and which restaurants to go to.

He was very helpful and involved with my training in EF, gave me a lot of time and support when needed it. He always made me laugh with his witty sense of humour and gave me great advice when Chinese/ western differences occurred." - Michelle, Ireland


Learn More About

Chinese Culture

We are also Cultural Consultants for a global company, specializing in expat integration for employees coming to China.

As part of our recruitment service to you, we will also provide you with full cultural information, support and advice regarding your settlement into life in China.

To be able to settle into your new way of life, it is very important that you learn more about what to expect.

We have helped and supported many new teachers over the last 8 years.


Private Language Schools

Students aged 3 to 16 years

Class sizes 10 - 18 students

Salary 8,000 - 20,000RMB Per Month

Private Kindergartens

Students aged 3 to 6 years

Class sizes 10 - 20 students

Salary 10,000 - 23,000RMB Per Month

Public Schools

Students aged 6 to 16 years

Class sizes 20+students 


Students aged 18 years+

Class sizes 25+ students

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!! EF Daqing - Now Hiring Foreign Teachers !!

  • Monthly salary is 9500RMB per month depending on experience\Education background;
  • Monthly bonus is from 500-2000RMB after probation
  • Fully comprehensive health insurance provided
  • 9000RMB flight allowance
  • Non-shared free accommodation near the school or 1500/month apartment allowance
  • 10 days paid annual leave plus 11 national holidays
  • Sponsored legal Z work visa
  • Airport pick-up upon arrival
  • Ongoing professional training and support (Cambridge TKT, Trinity Cert TESOL, Trinity Dip TESOL and Cambridge IDLTM)
  • Free Mandarin Chinese lessons

Interested in finding out more ? Send us your CV today and let's get you started on a new adventure!

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!! Shenzhou Montessori Kindergarten - Now Hiring Foreign Teachers !!

  • Monthly salary is 10,000 - 12,000RMB per month depending on experience\Education background;
  • Monthly/Yearly bonus
  • Fully comprehensive health insurance provided
  • Flight allowance
  • Non-shared free accommodation near the school
  • 10 days paid annual leave plus 11 national holidays
  • Sponsored legal Z work visa
  • Airport pick-up upon arrival
  • Montessori Professional Training
  • Free Mandarin Chinese lessons

Interested in finding out more ? Send us your CV today and let's get you started on a new adventure!


If you would like us to help you find your dream teaching position then send us your CV!

You can also include some preferences of the type of school, and in which city/cities you would like to teach in. 



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